born: 4/6/2013

country: Czech Rep., breeder: Adelheids

colour: ns (black smoke)

Dam: Feline Spirits Octopussy

Sir: CH Leaena Silver Surfer







gentest MYBPC3: N/N in Laboklin, 2013






Cherubina is our youngster in training. We´ve started to call her “Bubu” since she was very little. Cherubina is a curious cat, she has a lot of personality and sometimes she struggles to get on with the older females in our group. She wants to be the first of all, the queen of Adelheids.

The big pluses of Cherubina – expect her funny vivid nature – are her profile, deep chin, sparkling eyes, high quality incredibly soft coat and very solid boning she inherited after her father Surfer.

Cherubina is a very promissing young lady and might become a great addiction to our silver lines.