IC Xano of Hairy Majesty



Our cattery named Adelheid (originally in FIFE), now Adelheids (TICA) was founded in 2008 with arrival of an extraordinary maine coon boy IC Xano of Hairy Majesty.

This red classic tabby knight of our heart was meant to be joined by a gorgeous and giant torbie lady in a silver bicolour coat, her name was IC Annie White Fuzzy Giant.

However, Annie never been mated to Xano she became a founder mother cat of my cattery. In her son GRC Cyprian The Bishop of Adelheid my dream of a perfect giant boy came true. Annie´s amazingly strong body structure established the style of Adelheids kittens.



IC Annie White Fuzzy Giant

We work with traditional Euro-American show lines in a hope to conceive some new quality and moderated look in the new generation of our cats due to our combination skills and a careful selection. Recently we have introduced two polydactyl females from new foundation lines to our breeding plan with the best possible results in their first litters. We are very happy with our kittens and grateful for what we get. Temper of our cats is very important for us, as far as their health, type, boning and coat quality.



We found a great partner in experienced breeder Berit Sorensen from Wackymoon cattery, Denmark. We are still learning from Berit´s experience and wisdom.

From the amount of local breeders we honour Irena Křešničková from Hairy Majesty, who was the one who originally directed us into breeding. Thanks, Irenka, for your gentle support and advice!

We would like to thank Alena Křížková from Maine Treasures for her highly appreciated breeding advices.

Our bright new „partner in crime“ we found in Belgium in our Czech friend Lucie Košťálová. As far as Lucie is a beginning breeder, we trust her good approach, big heart and honesty. Her cattery is Simons.