born: 24/8/2012

colour: black torbie white

breeder: Adela Kroupova


sir: DE*Pownee´s I am The Boss

dam: FR*Actarus Fantasia




HCM N/N by parents

HCM N/N gentest Laboklin, 2013









Fru Fru is our beloved offspring girl, 1st generation of Adelheid. Her type is just stunning. This girl has all one could wish for! Her haed is a haed close to perfection. She has high maine coon (not rabbit) ears with long and dense lynx tips, strong muzzle with very good chin, super profile. She is a wild looking treasure with a human orientated temper. She loves to cuddle and loves to aport her favourites soft gum balls.

Fru Fru´s body is strong, she takes after his father The Boss a lot in it. Also her fur reminds us on her father. Her elegant and allert looking  type we adore came from our imported french lines from Actarus cattery.

We are very very pleased to have this superwoman in our team! Fru Fru´s studio photos are made by Helmi Flick.