born: the 23rd of December 2010

breeder: Ulrike Detmers, Germany

colour: d 22 (red tabby)

Dam: Big Giant´s Rhapsody

Sir: Pownee´s Tiger and Dragon







The Boss is our very intuitive arrival. When we were looking for a silver girl for our cattery, we surfed in our friend´s Ulrike website. And there was The Boss. Less than a one month old maine coon baby .. We saw him and we couldn´t resist. Love on a very first sight.

There was already everything written in his face. He was very proud, self-confident, biiig muzzled red dragoon. The feral look in his kitten´s face was amazing..

The Boss weights in his 9months 8kg. Despite of his wild look his temper is very sweet and easygoing. He joined family of our friends Andrea and Milan from Fuzzy Giant cattery. We are very happy to see The Boss has fullfilled their dreams about an ideal tom cat and has totally stolen their hearts.. What a pitty The Boss couldn´t stay with us!

Dear Ulrike, thank you very much for your trust and patiency! Boss lives with Lucie Bendová and her family.