born: the 3rd of July 2010

breeder: Anne Kervazo, France

colour: n 09 02 (black tabby white)

dam: Agraelle de la Vallée de l´Ancre

sir: Cartoonland´s Armani

health tests:

HCM N/N Laboklin 2012

PKD negative in Genomia








Fantasia is our dream girl from Actarus cattery in France. She has a very strong type with high well placed ears ended with bushy lynx tips, strong aparent muzzle with nice profile. Her brown tabby coat is remarkably smooth and super colorful in it´s black and brown tabby patterns. It is a big pleasure for us to see Fantasia moving, she resembles a little leopard.. So elegant and breathtaking ..!

Fantasia is a result of breeding work of Anne Kervazo. There are generations of Anne´s cats included in her pedigree. And of course, maine coons from other catteries we adore: Cartoonland, Hillside, Artic coons. And some older lines from Langstteich´s as well.

Thank you, dear Anne for entrusting us this super star girl!