FIFE champion

born: the 1st of August 2010

breeder: Jolanta Wójcik, Poland

color: black cl.tabby white

Dam: Ametrin´s Sigyn

Sir: IC Escape´s Never Ending

health tests:

HCM N/N by parents

PKD negative, tested in Genomia 2011








Indu was born in Poland in Silvi-Cola cattery. He is one of the latest sons of a world famous stallion Escape´s Never Ending. His mother Ametrin´s Sigyn is a very beautiful sweedish girl and we must proudly say, Indu took after her a lot. Not just the beautiful appearance, but also her gentle and very sweet temper.

Indu´s type and look amazed us from the very first moment we saw his one week old baby picture. Indu is growing up into a male with a real wild look. His haed is just gorgeous with great box and super placed high ears. His body is strong on high legs. Indu´s tale is extremely long and furnishing. We like his long silky fur and super placed ears with long lynx tips. Indu is very young male and he is still in development.

Indu brings lines of Escape, Koontucky, Coonyham a Dotcom into our cattery.

Indu lives with Mrs.Sankotova in Prague.