Wackymoon Rosaline PP

born: 18/3/2012

breeder: Berit Sorensen, Denmark

colour: ns 23 (black silver mackerel tabby)

Dam: USA*Behold The Prayer Time of Wackymoon

Sir: USA*Behold The Purpose PP of Wackymoon


HCM N/N by parents

HCM+PKD ultrasound – negative 2015







Rosaline is a silver mackerel beauty that was born in Wackymoon cattery in Denmark. She is a perfect mix of new foundation lines and show lines. Her both parents come from Kumskaka cattery (now Behold cattery) in USA.

Rosi is 4WD polydaktyl (5-6-6-6), she has wonderful body, large with good, strong boning. Super nice quality of coat, clear silver. She is our only soft (not wild) looking girl, but we adore her and love her into bits. It´s our Rosaline! Her muzzle is nice with strong chin, profile´s in development. Rosaline has quite a fanclub within our petlovers and friends.

She is F5 generation foundation lines with complete inbreeding of 6,41%. Thank you, Berit, for this very special girl!