born: 28/5/2018

breeder: Lucie Kostalova

colour: black tortie cl.tabby white 


mother: Adelheids Pocahontas 

father: Magaskawee´s Brian


PEDIGREE (click)


Amalie came to us from Belgium. She was bred by Lucie, who we are currently mentoring in breeding. Amalie´s pedigree is 75% Adelheids, all our remarkable ancestors are there included Fairy Fru Fru Adelheids or Pownee´s I am The Boss, that are not longer in our breeding programme. 

Amalie is a show type maine coon. Very lovely expression with nicely set pair of tall ears with an aparent lynx tips. Broad muzzle, beautifully curved profile and a strong chin. But what we love about Amalie the most is her temper.  She is a very curious cat with her own opinion on basically everything we do in our household.  

Thank you, Lucie, to help our dream come true!





COMPLETE GENTEST (HCM, SMA, PKDef., PKD, PRA) = N/N, Laboklin 2019

ultrasound heart + kidneys = GOOD, MVDr.Marádová, MyVet 2021

HIP DISPLASIA = RS: 1, LS:0,  Dr.Ball, Pawpeds.

PATELLA LUXATION = 0 – 0, MVDr.Popelka