born: 15/9/2019

breeder: Zdeněk Říčný and Monika Tůmová, CZ

colour: black tortie


Mother: Oversize Waikiki Honolulu  

Father: Eddie Gentle Tiger


PEDIGREE (click)


Jamaica is a love on a very first sight! Very much spontaneous decision we made when saw her on her kitten photos. In Jamaica’s lines there is a perfect mix of the best Czech catteries from the last three decades. Mum is Italian import pretty much based on older Scandinavian cats we like.

Jamaica is a very beautiful tortie, who is getting better and better as she matures. Her temper is easygoing and fun. She is one of the cats that shows you when she is in a good mood. Very affectionate and communicative, even barking to get your attention. 

Truly happy to have this little treasure in our breeding program!




GENTEST (HCM, SMA, PKD, PRA etc.) = NEGATIVE, Laboklin 2020

FeLV negative, 2019 (MVDr.Štrumová)

ultrasound heart (HCM) + kidney (PKD) = negative (MVDr.Marádová, MyVet 2020)

HIP DISPLASIA = LS grade 1, RS grade 1 (Dr.Ball, Sweeden, Pawpeds)

PATELA LUXATION = negative (MVDr.Popelka, MyVet 2020)