GRC Cyprian The Bishop of Adelheid

TICA grand champion + FIFE champion

born: 11.10.2011

breeder:  Adelheids

colour: red silver cl.tabby white

Dam: IC Annie White Fuzzy Giant

Sir: CH Indu Silvi-Cola


Cyprian is the last kitten from our giant girl Annie. He is extra large male – long in body, high on legs. His tail is long and fluffy. Super curved profile with big muzzle and strong chin. We can use just superlatives describing our boy as we love him very much:) His temper is outgoing, sweet, friendly. We are very blessed to have the chance to live with him.

Cyprian is our show successful cat. In FIFE he won several times BIS and a maine coon special show in men. He is doing well on TICA shows as well.

We are looking forward to see growing up several generations of his babies.


GENTEST (HCM, SMA, PRA, PKdef, PKD etc.) = NEGATIVE, VHLGenetics 2017

ULTRASOUND HEART + KIDNEYS = NEGATIVE, 2014 MVDr.Truhlar, 2017 MVDr. Pospisilik